ISO 27017 Cloud Data Protection

ISO 27017 is the global standard used by organisations to strengthen their current cloud data protection and cloud security services. The standard highlights the actions an organisation must take in creating new data protection measures in accordance with current ISO 27017 requirements and regulations.

ISO 27017 certification

» Achieve ISO 27017 certification with an internationally accredited body.

» Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of cloud data protection and ISO 27017 cloud security.

» Highlight your organisation’s robustness in tackling broader security issues.

» Win customer trust and apply for contracts requiring ISO 27017 certification.

» Assure stakeholders and investors your organisation is serious about data responsibility.

What is ISO 27017?

This standard is part of the ISO 27000 standard series for information security, which includes standards such as ISO 27001. ISO 27017:2015 is the current version of this international standard, based on ISO 27002 for cloud services. The standard provides procedures specifically designed for cloud computing and is used by organisations that require cloud services and by cloud service providers. ISO 27017 is developed by the International Organization for Standardization and published by the ISO alongside the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). As this is a risk assessment standard, selecting the controls and measures can depend on legal, contractual, regulatory or other cloud-sector specific information security requirements. Achieving ISO 27017 certification demonstrates to clients and stakeholders your organisation takes the security of data and cloud-based services seriously, enhancing customer trust and helping meet regulatory requirements such as GDPR. For cloud providers, ensuring the safety of consumer information is a mission-critical priority. ISO 27017 provides a framework for organisations that will help to:

» Provide clear guidance on how to implement strong security measures for cloud-based services.

» Introduce accountability for transactions between individuals using cloud services and the service provider.

» Implement operational improvements across a broad spectrum.

» Reduce the risk of security issues arising on cloud services.

» Potentially strengthen other systems within their organisation relating to the broader ISO 2700 series.

What are the benefits of ISO 27017?

As organisations shift towards using cloud services to store, process, and access data, the need for sustainable data measures is paramount. Cloud computing underpins modern-day organisations, providing secure on-demand systems for clients, stakeholders and suppliers to access computer processing and storage at scale. While some organisations seek certification to conform to their unique regulatory needs or the needs of their clients, other organisations should consider ISO 27017 or ISO 27018 to minimise both the risk inherent to cloud-serviced organisations and the potential cost of a breach. Adhering to the rigid guidelines of ISO 27017 and 27018 allows your organisation to operate with confidence and build a reputation of trust with your clients.

ISO 27017 accreditation allows organisations to:

» Add cloud security and cloud data protection to your ISO 27001 management system.

» Clarify the roles and responsibilities for both cloud-based service providers and users.

» Implement controls on cloud computing to allow continuity and growth of your business.

» Reduce risk and provide a competitive advantage over your competition.

» Provide a framework to demonstrate compliance to regulations such as GDPR.

» Deepen data security resilience and build customer trust in IT and information systems.

» Reduce costs through lower insurance premiums and potential losses from data breaches.

How to become ISO 27017 certified

Unlike ISO 27001, you cannot be certified to ISO 27017 independently. This standard is an add-on to ISO 27001. Organisations often implement both ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 to demonstrate GDPR compliance across all their data handling and processing operations. Our ISO expert auditors conduct the certification process, and certification assessments can be completed in a single day. Once assessments have been completed, your organisation’s systems will be reviewed to ensure they meet the required legal standards. Certification Europe will issue your organisation with an official certificate if awarded with certification. An updated ISO 27001 certification can be granted, reflecting your organisation’s satisfactory standards in meeting both ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 criteria suitable for certification.

ISO 27017 certification process

» One day certification audit

» Certification review and decision

» Updated ISO 27001 certificate reflecting the client is now certified to ISO 27001 and ISO 27017

Start your journey to ISO 27017 certification

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The Certification Journey

Stage One

The initial assessment determines if the mandatory requirements of the standard are being met and if the management system is capable of proceeding to Stage 2.

Recommendation for Certification

At this point in the process we review any corrective actions taken to address findings raised at Stage 1 & 2. Certification may be recommended.

Certification Achieved

Successful certification is communicated to the client. Certificates are issued.

Stage Two

The second assessment determines the effectiveness of the system, and seeks to confirm that the management system is implemented and operational.

Certification Review & Decision

The organisations files are reviewed by an independent and impartial panel and the certification decision is made.